Brooklyn Cider House Half Sour

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Half Sour, named “Best New York Craft Cider” and winner of double gold medals in the 2016 New York Wine & Food Classic competition, is our most thought-provoking cider. Half Sour begins with aromas of wild flowers and honey, followed by a wave of citrus and pickled pear. This lightly carbonated, off-dry cider is edgy and refreshing, providing endless possibilities for pairings. Half Sour undergoes a third fermentation, which we stop midway to introduce those sour notes that tickle your tongue.

Off-dry wild flower, honey, citrus, pear aromas; made with a blend of bitter cider and heirloom apples, fermented and aged for 5-6 months; natural sugars maintained with wine-making techniques; Double Gold unanimous award, NY Wine & Food Classic Competition