Domaine de Dionysos Vin De Pays De Vaucluse Grenache Gris Principaute d'Orange Justine

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Grape: Grenache Gris
Region: Rhône Valley, France
Subregion: Southern Rhône
Appellation: Vaucluse
Marseille, 1720--the Great Plague has invaded the city. The FARJON family fled to the hills of Uchaux, a, then, little colony that would rapidly become the hamlet we know as Uchaux Les Farjon today. For the past seven generations, the FARJON family has been producing incredible wines. This wine is the Rhône Valley embodiment of PHILIPPE CAMBIE’S trademark style. Cambie, consultant winemaker at the property for the past few years, is credited with reviving the wines of the Rhône Valley over the past two decades, and was named WINEMAKER OF THE YEAR by Robert Parker in 2010.