Prodigo Nero D'Avola

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It is evident that food and wine are harmoniously linked in Sicily, defining the region. It is known for its rich and full-bodied wines, as the Nero d’Avola is produced using an “appassite” method of naturally drying the grapes prior to harvest. Our Nero d’Avola appassite has a ruby-red color. The bouquet is slightly spicy and has notes of dried figs and ripe fruits of blackberry and boysenberry. The finish is round velvety with notes of vanilla.

In Italy, making food and wine is so entirely natural, it almost appears instinctive; a compelling emotion. As we undoubtedly agree, they belong together, which is why we’ve created Prodigo - meaning lavish, sumptuous, luxurious or grand. Our wines celebrate the marriage of Italian food and wine making every night a Prodigo night.